2024 Summit September 10th-12th Atlanta, GA

What is it?

The My HBCU Matters Summit is a 3 Day Immersive Experience that promotes education, activism, and career development.

The Summit engages with HBCU students, faculty, staff, alumni, and supporters.

Our Sponsors and Corporate Partners are committed to providing a wealth of opportunities for attendees to learn, engage, and be exposed to careers in various industries.

Your Summit Experience through Industry based Development

The Our HBCUs Matter Scholars Cohort is a 1 Year immersisve educational experience for HBCU Ungraduate & Graduate level students and Alumni which provides professional development, industry training, and networking; supported by our corporate partners/sponsors. Our Scholars execute the knowlegde and skills at the My HBCU Matters Summit with a aim of eanring a career opportunity.

2023 My HBCU Matters Summit

Our Partners

Those who've Joined The Movement!

To learn about becoming a partner, contact our Partner Development Team at  [email protected].